01. Rules of admission/casting

Our School admits all adults and children (parents permitting, a 14-year old student may be admitted to the adult group; kids groups admit children of the age of 7 and older). Students can be from any country but must speak the language of teaching. The teaching is held in the language(s) of the country. The minimum requirement for admittance is a certificate of secondary education; for graduates – Diploma of higher education.

Every applicant to the Federal School of Radio must:

• Submit an application (via social media or web page)
• Be interviewed by the Producer (by phone)
• Participate in casting

The number of FM, DAB+ and ONLINE radio stations increases rapidly.

New formats, new programs and new positions in radio emerge from this growth, and these stations require a constant supply of professionals. Our mission is to prepare such professionals for the world of media. That is why the School sets high requirements for applicants.

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    Be dressed neatly and be on-time;
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    Have pleasant expressive voice;
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    Be able to read and express thoughts articulately, and be grammatically correct;
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    Speak clearly;
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    Speak with correct orthoepy (stress syllables correctly);
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    Possess personal charisma, non-standard way of thinking, brightness.
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    You, as all other applicants, have to come to casting in time (the time to be determined by the Producer). Please bring a notepad and a pen with you;
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    The casting is held by the Curator (program director or radio host and the Administrator of the Federal School of Radio in your region;
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    You will have to fill in the questionnaire form. You will meet the Curator;
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    You will be greeted by one of the Managers of the School. The Manager will tell you about the program and the conditions of studying and will give you a creative assignment;
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    After the creative assignment, you will submit your responses to our questionnaire. Then you are done for the day;
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    The casting process takes 1.5-2 hours.

If you have any questions about education process or professional training at the School, you can ask the Manager of the School directly during the casting or participate in webinar.

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    Listen to 2-3 popular local radio stations at different time of the day, paying attention to the host’s speech and commentaries;
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    Practice speaking by reading aloud news articles for 5-10 minutes on the day prior the casting and for 10-15 minutes on the day of the casting;
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    Try not only to read, but to summarize what you have read, avoiding pauses and fillers;
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    Using your phone, record a 30-second message of a recent movie or news event;
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    Listen what you have recorded and, if you don’t like it, make as many recordings as necessary.
Remember, don’t fret! All media stars went through this. Continue practicing.
02. What to do if you are nervous

Any casting, or public speech, is stressful. Sometimes, emotions can sabotage creativity and concentration and may make your voice quiver.

Here are a few simple rules how to conquer stress:
  • Do 5-7 deep breaths before you speak
  • Avoid closed and grasped poses. When you stand free, your voice sounds better
  • Practice your speech in your head before performing. Do not rely on improvisation. Remember the golden rule of the rhetor – the best improvisation is a well-done home assignment
  • Try to be bright and put on a new image. Nobody knows you yet. It means you can pretend to be anybody. Being shy by nature, imagine yourself confident, even daring, but a charming character
  • The most difficult thing is to start speaking. After that, nothing is frightening
  • Remember, that this all will be over in 30 seconds
  • And follow the timeless advice of Marilyn Monroe; “Do not worry, and worry.”
03. What is host’s commentary

At the casting, you will receive a creative assignment – to introduce a given song, which you can hear on the radio often. The songs are a choice of the Manager of the School. As a rule, you are granted 5-10 minutes to prepare your commentary. After that, all the applicants read what they have written, and the Curator gives a feedback.

Introduction is a short 20-30 second speech given by the program host during which s/he sets the mood, shares news, informs an audience and announces new show segments. In your introduction, don’t forget to greet your audience, introduce yourself and your radio station.

Make sure you have listened to the radio lately. Pay attention to the style of professionals and try to do better!
04. Admission

We will inform on your acceptance into the program 1-2 days after the casting. Once groups are formed, schedules and internships are finalized within 4-7 days later. If you are admitted into the program, on the day of the first class you will receive a text message with the address and time of the class.

On your first class, you will sign our contract with the School, make your first payment (the Producer will inform you about the cost of tuition in your region). Congratulations! You are now a student of the Federal School of Radio. Then you will read the syllabus, a list of reading materials and other information.

Student groups are formed for 8-14 people. Basic courses take 3 months to complete. Classes are taught twice a week, 2 hours each.